Moroccan bath in Dubai,al rigga

Moroccan bath in Dubai


Moroccan bath is an age old traditional cleansing ritual of Moroccans which is spread across the Middleeast and popularly known as Hammam Maghrebi. This ritual is done to clean, whiten and soften the skin. It also helps to relax the tired nerves and muscles while enhancing the blood circulation of the body.

In Dubai, Moroccan bath is very popular. After a long week of working non-stop, many professionals seek to book an appointment to get pampered the Moroccan style. In Arabia, the Moroccan bath is popularly known as Hammam. Its main goal is to relax people while their skin is being cleansed and soften. It is also believed that this bath can whiten the skin and provide an even complexion to people. Most home service Moroccan bath experts say that the process of Moroccan bathing improves blood circulation in the veins. Plus, the joints are being relieved from all the pain and stress that they usually take in on a day-to-day basis. Moroccan bath Dubai is similar to the well-known Turkish bath. What sets it apart is that it uses special ingredients during the immersing process. Hammam uses a special black soap, natural herbs, and henna in order to fully purify and smoothen your skin. Whether Moroccan bath Dubai for men or women, a scalp massage is also included. The person who will be bathing you will apply a special mixture on your hair and then scalp massage your scalp. The Moroccan bath Dubai for women and men usually takes up to 35 to 40 minutes. It can go longer than that, depending on where you have the procedure done. On the other hand, for special Moroccan bath, the process can take up to 60 to 80 minutes. Some people book Moroccan bath home service so they can feel more at ease and relaxed, knowing that they do not have to drive back to their home. After the bathing, they can immediately curl up on their beds and tuck themselves for a good sleep. We strongly recommend you to have the service done at home for a more hassle-free experience. The cleansing ritual starts with steaming your body. If you will be on a regular Moroccan bath Dubai location, you will be asked to go to a sauna. The steaming lasts for 10 minutes. After that, you will be rinsed with water and the black soap will be applied all throughout your body. The Moroccan bath professional will thoroughly smear the soap on your body to ensure that your skin will receive complete exfoliation. Following that, you will be asked to come back to the steam room. The goal of this is to fully open up the pores of your skin. This is very important to have the extraordinary soap work efficiently in revitalizing your skin. Next to that, a whitening powder is usually applied. It is a special powder from Iran that needs to be on your skin for five to 10 minutes. It will be washed off after that, and the Moroccan bath professional will begin scrubbing your skin. During this process, the dead skin from your body will be removed. The process finishes off with washing your body with a shower gel, leaving you with a fresh-smelling, soft and young skin.

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